Urine sex steroid profile in healthy volunteers during isolation in a pressurized compartment

I. M. Larina, E. A. Kochnova, L. Kh Pastushkova, G. M. Rodchenkov, A. M. Nosovskii, E. N. Nikolaev

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In order to study the time course of the parameters of urine sex steroid profile and its potential boundary changes, the quantitative determination of a number of endogenous steroids and their metabolites in healthy human urine has been carried out by the gas chromatography method using mass-selective detection. The samples were obtained from six volunteers under the conditions of total monitoring of vital activity factors affecting urine steroid profile (diet, water consumption, physical activity, temperature and air composition, day-night rhythm, and the psychoemotional state) in an experimental study using a pressurized compartment. The healthy human profile parameters of urine steroids were found, which were affected by conditions of controlled vital activity in a pressurized compartment. Parameters of the individual and group variability of the parameters of steroid profile and their dependence on experimental factors, salt consumption mode, and autonomous vital activity, were found.

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ЖурналHuman Physiology
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