Unit commitment with ideal and generic energy storage units

David Pozo, Javier Contreras, Enzo E. Sauma

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Intermittence and variability of renewable resources is often a barrier to their large scale integration into power systems. We propose a stochastic real-time unit commitment to deal with the stochasticity and intermittence of non-dispatchable renewable resources including ideal and generic energy storage devices. Firstly, we present a mathematical definition of an ideal and generic storage device. This storage device definition has some mathematical advantages: 1) it can be easily integrated within complex optimization problems, 2) it can be modeled using linear programming, suitable for practical large-scale cases. Secondly, a stochastic unit commitment with ideal and generic storage devices and intermittent generation is proposed to solve the joint energy-and-reserves scheduling and real-time power balance problem, reflecting the minute-by-minute intermittent changes and the stochasticity of renewable resources. We also compare our results with those obtained using a deterministic unit commitment with perfect information. The proposed model is illustrated with a 24-bus system.

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ЖурналIEEE Transactions on Power Systems
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