Twist-n-sync: Software clock synchronization with microseconds accuracy using MEMS-gyroscopes

Marsel Faizullin, Anastasiia Kornilova, Azat Akhmetyanov, Gonzalo Ferrer

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Sensor networks require a high degree of synchronization in order to produce a stream of data useful for further purposes. Examples of time misalignment manifest as undesired artifacts when doing multi-camera bundle-adjustment or global positioning system (GPS) geo-localization for mapping. Network Time Protocol (NTP) variants of clock synchronization can provide accurate results, though present high variance conditioned by the environment and the channel load. We pro-pose a new precise technique for software clock synchronization over a network of rigidly attached devices using gyroscope data. Gyroscope sensors, or IMU, provide a high-rate measurements that can be processed efficiently. We use optimization tools over the correlation signal of IMU data from a network of gyroscope sensors. Our method provides stable microseconds accuracy, regardless of the number of sensors and the conditions of the network. In this paper, we show the performance of the gyroscope software synchronization in a controlled environment, and we evaluate the performance in a sensor network of smartphones by our open-source Android App, Twist-n-Sync, that is publicly available.

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