Topology optimisation of friction under-platform dampers using moving morphable components and the efficient global optimization algorithm

Enora Denimal, Ludovic Renson, Chian Wong, Loic Salles

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Under-platform dampers (UPDs) are traditionally used in aircraft engines to reduce the risk of high cycle fatigue. By introducing friction in the system, vibrations at resonance are damped. However, UDPs are also the source of nonlinear behaviours making the analysis and the design of such components complex. The shape of such friction dampers has a substantial impact on the damping performances, and topology optimisation is seldomly utilised—particularly for nonlinear structures. In the present work, we present a numerical approach to optimise the topology of friction dampers in order to minimise the vibration amplitude at a resonance peak. The proposed approach is based on the moving morphable components framework to parametrise the damper topology, and the efficient global optimisation algorithm is employed for the optimisation. The results demonstrate the relevance of such an approach for the optimisation of nonlinear vibrations in the presence of friction. New efficient damper geometries are identified in a few iterations of the algorithm, illustrating the efficiency of the approach. Results show that the most efficient geometry divides the vibration amplitude at resonance by 3, corresponds to a lower mass (80%) and a smaller frequency shift compared to the non-optimised case. More generally, the different geometries are analysed and tools for clustering are proposed. Different clusters are identified and compared. Thus, more general conclusions can be obtained. More specifically, the most efficient geometries correspond to geometries that reduce the mass of the damper and increase the length of the contact surface. Physically, it corresponds to a reduction of the initial normal contact pressure, which implies that the contact points enter stick/slip earlier, bringing more damping. The results show how topology optimisation can be employed for nonlinear vibrations to identify efficient layouts for components.

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ЖурналStructural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
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