Thermal properties of rocks from Bazhenov suite

E. Yu Popov, Yu A. Popov, M. Yu Spasennykh, G. A. Kalmykov, V. P. Stenin

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    Experimental investigations of thermal properties were performed with the advanced measuring technique on representative collections of cores for Bazhen formation rocks. Unique representative information on variations of the thermal properties of the Bazhen formation rocks was obtained accounting for their spatial variations, changes in mineral composition, structural-textural characteristics of rocks, total organic carbon, and pore fluid composition. Essential variations of the thermal property studied were established. It is shown that variations in total organic carbon are a basic reason of the thermal conductivity variations. Significant thermal anisotropy was found that is correlated to total organic carbon and rock heterogeneity in a core scale. An approach is suggested to estimate a total organic carbon from the thermal conductivity measurement results. Results of non-contact measurements of the thermal properties on core plugs during whole round of petrophysical measurements demonstrate that extraction, fluid-saturation, and drying core plugs lead to essential changes in the thermal properties of the mineral rock matrix of Bazhen formation rocks caused by changes in intergrain contacts and matrix solidity This causes corresponding changes in other rock properties as mechanical, acoustic, electrical, et al. That should be accounted for to protect the cores and provide for reliable information on rock property variations at pore fluid changes in laboratory experiments.

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