The ICDD/PDF superconductor subfile

W. Wong-Ng, R. L. Snyder, C. Park, E. Antipov, W. F. McClune

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The activity of the high Tc task group of the ICDD Ceramic Subcommittee is described. This activity includes the compilation of X-ray powder diffraction patterns of the high Tc superconductors and related phases identified from the International Centre for Diffraction Data/Powder Diffraction File (ICDD/PDF). The coverage of this ICDD/PDF Superconductor SubFile (SC) includes high Tc phases and their structurally related phases, products of elemental substitution in the high Tc phases, phases found in the phase diagrams containing the high Tc phases, as well as potential reaction products with commonly used sample containers, and potential conventional low-temperature (metallic and nonmetallic) superconductors.

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ЖурналPowder Diffraction
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