Synthesis of Li-Rich NMC: A Comprehensive Study

Vanessa Pimenta, Mariyappan Sathiya, Dmitry Batuk, Artem M. Abakumov, Domitille Giaume, Sophie Cassaignon, Dominique Larcher, Jean Marie Tarascon

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Li-rich NMC are considered nowadays as one of the most promising candidates for high energy density cathodes. One significant challenge is nested in adjusting their synthesis conditions to reach optimum electrochemical performance, but no consensus has been reached yet on the ideal synthesis protocol. Herein, we revisited the elaboration of Li-rich NMC electrodes by focusing on the science involved through each synthesis steps using carbonate Ni0.1625Mn0.675Co0.1625CO3 precursor coprecipitation combined with solid state synthesis. We demonstrated the effect of precursor's concentration on the kinetics of the precipitation reaction and provided clues to obtain spherically agglomerated NMC carbonates of different sizes. Moreover, we highlighted the strong impact of the Li2CO3/NMC carbonate ratio on the morphology and particles size of Li-rich NMC and subsequently on their electrochemical performance. Ratio of 1.35 was found to reproducibly give the best performance with namely a first discharge capacity of 269 mAh g-1 and capacity retention of 89.6% after 100 cycles. We hope that our results, which reveal how particle size, morphology, and phase composition affect the material's electrochemical performance, will help in reconciling literature data while providing valuable fundamental information for up scaling approaches.

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ЖурналChemistry of Materials
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