Structure of detonation waves in gas suspensions of fuel containing the oxidant

I. Sh Akhatov, P. B. Vainshtein, R. I. Nigmatulin

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The structure of detonation waves in air suspensions of unitary fuels (fuels containing an oxidant such as gunpowder and high explosives) is investigated. In such systems, complete combustion of the particles is possible at a high mass concentration of the fuel. As a result, the structure of detonation differs from that in gas-drop [1-3] and gas [4, 5] mixtures. The shock adiabats characteristic for air suspensions [6, 7] are used to investigate the field of integral curves which describe the structure of detonation waves in disperse media. Calculated distributions of the parameters which characterize the gas and particles in the detonation front are given. The influence of the rate of combustion of the particles and the intensity of interphase friction on the structure of the detonation is investigated. Results of the calculation of the structure of relaxation shock waves in gas suspensions of the solid fuel of rockets are given in [8]. Unsteady problems of convective combustion and the transition of combustion of air suspensions into detonation are analyzed in [9, 10].

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ЖурналFluid Dynamics
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