Radiation-induced nucleation of diamond from amorphous carbon: Effect of hydrogen

Yanqiu Sun, Alexander G. Kvashnin, Pavel B. Sorokin, Boris I. Yakobson, W. E. Billups

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Electron irradiation of anthracite functionalized by dodecyl groups leads to recrystallization of the carbon network into diamonds. The diamonds range in size from ∼2 to ∼10 nm and exhibit {111} spacing of 2.1 Å. A bulk process consistent with bias-enhanced nucleation is proposed in which the dodecyl group provides hydrogen during electron irradiation. Recrystallization into diamond occurs in the hydrogenated graphitic subsurface layers. Unfunctionalized anthracite could not be converted into diamond during electron irradiation. The dependence of the phase transition pressure on cluster size was estimated, and it was found that diamond particles with a radius up to 20 nm could be formed.

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ЖурналJournal of Physical Chemistry Letters
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