Pentacene and tetracene molecules and films on H/Si(111): Level alignment from hybrid density functional theory

Svenja M. Janke, Mariana Rossi, Sergey V. Levchenko, Sebastian Kokott, Matthias Scheffler, Volker Blum

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The electronic properties of hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor interfaces depend strongly on the alignment of the electronic carrier levels in the organic/inorganic components. In the present work, we address this energy level alignment from first principles theory for two paradigmatic organic-inorganic semiconductor interfaces, the singlet fission materials tetracene and pentacene on H/Si(111), using all-electron density functional theory calculations with a hybrid exchange-correlation functional. For isolated tetracene on H/Si(111), a type I-like heterojunction (lowest-energy electron and hole states on Si) is found. For isolated pentacene, the molecular and semiconductor valence band edges are degenerate. For monolayer films, we show how to construct supercell geometries with up to 1192 atoms, which minimize the strain between the inorganic surface and an organic monolayer film. Based on these models, we predict the formation of type II heterojunctions (electron states on Si, hole-like states on the organic species) for both acenes, indicating that charge separation at the interface between the organic and inorganic components is favored. The paper discusses the steps needed to find appropriate low-energy interface geometries for weakly bonded organic molecules and films on inorganic substrates from first principles, a necessary prerequisite for any computational level alignment prediction.

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ЖурналElectronic Structure
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