On the user capacity for a multiple-access system in a vector disjunctive channel with errors

D. S. Osipov, A. A. Frolov, V. V. Zyablov

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We consider a multiple-access system in which each user is given q out of Q available subchannels (q ≪ Q). We investigate capacities of two channels emerging in the system under consideration in the case of single-user reception. These channels can be considered as modifications of the A-channel. In the first case we assume that a signal transmitted by a certain user is always registered by the receiver. Thus, activity of other users is the only obstacle to correct reception of information transmitted by a certain user in the multiple-access system. In the second case we assume that the output of each subchannel is inverted with probability p. Analytical expressions (both asymptotic and nonasymptotic) are derived and investigated.

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ЖурналProblems of information transmission
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