On the forced oscillations of a small gas bubble in a spherical liquid-filled flask

R. I. Nigmatulin, I. Sh Akhatov, N. K. Vakhitova, R. T. Lahey

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A spherically-symmetric problem is considered in which a small gas bubble at the centre of a spherical flask filled with a compressible liquid is excited by small radial displacements of the flask wall. The bubble may be compressed, expanded and made to undergo periodic radial oscillations. Two asymptotic solutions have been found for the low-Mach-number stage. The first one is an asymptotic solution for the field far from the bubble, and it corresponds to the linear wave equation. The second one is an asymptotic solution for the field near the bubble, which corresponds to the Rayleigh-Plesset equation for an incompressible fluid. For the analytical solution of the low-Mach-number regime, matching of these asymptotic solutions is done, yielding a generalization of the Rayleigh-Plesset equation. This generalization takes into account liquid compressibility and includes ordinary differential equations (one of which is similar to the well-known Herring equation) and a difference equation with both lagging and leading time. These asymptotic solutions are used as boundary conditions for bubble implosion using numerical codes which are based on partial differential conservation equations. Both inverse and direct problems are considered in this study. The inverse problem is when the bubble radial motion is given and the evolution of the flask wall pressure and velocity is to be calculated. The inverse solution is important if one is to achieve superhigh gas temperatures using non-periodic forcing (Nigmatulin et al. 1996). In contrast, the direct problem is when the evolution of the flask wall pressure or velocity is given, and one wants to calculate the evolution of the bubble radius. Linear and nonlinear periodic bubble oscillations are analysed analytically. Nonlinear resonant and near-resonant periodic solutions for the bubble non-harmonic oscillations, which are excited by harmonic pressure oscillations on the flask wall, are obtained. The applicability of this approach bubble oscillations in experiments on single-bubble sonoluminescence is discussed.

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ЖурналJournal of Fluid Mechanics
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