On hyperplane sections of K3 surfaces

Enrico Arbarello, Andrea Bruno, Edoardo Sernesi

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Let C be a Brill-Noether-Petri curve of genus g ≥ 12. We prove that C lies on a polarised K3 surface, or on a limit thereof, if and only if the Gauss-Wahl map for C is not surjective. The proof is obtained by studying the validity of two conjectures by J. Wahl. Let IC be the ideal sheaf of a non-hyperelliptic, genus g, canonical curve. The first conjecture states that if g ≥ 8 and if the Clifford index of C is greater than 2, then H1(Pg-1,IC2 (k)) = 0 for k ≥ 3. We prove this conjecture for g ≥ 11. The second conjecture states that a Brill-Noether-Petri curve of genus g ≥ 12 is extendable if and only if C lies on a K3 surface. As observed in the introduction, the correct version of this conjecture should admit limits of polarised K3 surfaces in its statement. This is what we prove in the present work.

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