On Distance Properties of (r, t,x)-LRC Codes

Stanislav Kruglik, Kamilla Nazirkhanova, Alexey Frolov

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    We continue our investigation of one possible generalization of locally recoverable codes (LRC) with all-symbol locality and availability when recovering sets can intersect in a small number of coordinates. This feature allows us to increase the achievable code rate and still meet load balancing requirements. In this paper we derive upper and lower bounds on the minimum distance of such codes. The upper bound is based on generalized Hamming weights (GHWs) that are fundamental parameters of any linear codes with many useful applications. In order to derive a lower bound we propose an explicit construction of (r, t, x), -LRC via rank-metric codes and previously developed high rate (r, t, x) -LRC codes.

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    Название основной публикации2018 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, ISIT 2018
    ИздательInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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    ISBN (печатное издание)9781538647806
    СостояниеОпубликовано - 15 авг. 2018
    Событие2018 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, ISIT 2018 - Vail, Соединенные Штаты Америки
    Продолжительность: 17 июн. 201822 июн. 2018

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    НазваниеIEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings
    ISSN (печатное издание)2157-8095


    Конференция2018 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, ISIT 2018
    Страна/TерриторияСоединенные Штаты Америки


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