Nonlinear phase characteristics of the dispersion interferometer at high-intensity pulses

V. P. Drachev, S. V. Perminov, V. P. Safonov

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The dependences of the second harmonic (SH) intensity output by the dispersion interferometer (DI) upon the relative phase of the SH and fundamental waves θ0 (called phase characteristics) are studied both experimentally and theoretically. It has been found that high irradiance (when self-action effects are not negligible) makes the phase characteristics differ from the cosine type which is usual for linear interferometry. In the case of high power pulsed radiation, a strong dependence of the SH pulse shape on θ0 was observed. The evolution of the SH pulse shape in the DI output registered as θ0 varies is checked against the numeric simulation data. By measuring the nonlinear phase characteristics of the DI, the main influence of the slow (response time of ≈ 1 ns) cubic nonlinearity on the frequency doubling of nanosecond pulses is determined for the employed KTP crystals.

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ЖурналOptics Communications
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