Nonequilibrium kolmogorov type particle distributions and their applications

V. E. Zakharov, V. I. Karas

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The modern condition of researches nonequilibrium (Kolmogorov type) stationary and non-stationary particle distributions with a flux on a spectrum is submitted. On the basis of Boltzmann collision integrals and in Landau form for not relativistic charged particles interacting under Coulomb law in view of static shielding, in homogeneous and isotropic matter by analytical methods and with the help completely conservative finite difference schemes consider formation of nonequilibrium particle distribution functions. It is shown, as the received results can be used for a prediction of behaviour of conductors and semiconductors both with own and with impurity conductivity irradiated with fast-ion beams or laser radiation.

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ЖурналProblems of Atomic Science and Technology
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