Mathematical description of the jet grinding process

I. N. Dorokhov, S. Yu Arutyunov, D. I. Eskin

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A mathematical model of jet grinding is considered. The model is based on the analysis of the dynamics of both solid and gaseous phases involved in the process. The processes occurring in the grinding zone are described. Interaction of gas flows 'loaded' with solid phase results in the formation of an area with a high concentration of particles. Grinding is accomplished predominantly due to the interaction of the flow of solid particles with this concentrated area as well as due to the intensive abrasion of particles in this area. The grinding products are removed from the zone of the interaction of jets by the resulting flow. The equation for determining the energy required for grinding in a jet grinder is given.

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ЖурналTeoreticheskie Osnovy Khimicheskoi Tekhnologii
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