Hybrid normal metal/ferromagnetic nanojunctions for domain wall tracking

Héctor Corte-León, Patryk Krzysteczko, Alessandra Manzin, Hans Werner Schumacher, Vladimir Antonov, Olga Kazakova

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Hybrid normal metal/ferromagnetic, gold/permalloy (Au/Py), nanojunctions are used to investigate magnetoresistance effects and track magnetization spatial distribution in L-shaped Py nanostructures. Transversal and longitudinal resistances are measured and compared for both straight and 90° corner sections of the Py nanostructure. Our results demonstrate that the absolute change in resistance is larger in the case of longitudinal measurements. However, due to the small background resistance, the relative change in the transversal resistance along the straight section is several orders of magnitude larger than the analogous longitudinal variation. These results prove that hybrid nanojunctions represent a significant improvement with respect to previously studied all-ferromagnetic crosses, as they also reduce the pinning potential at the junction and allow probing the magnetization locally. In addition, unusual metastable states with longitudinal domain walls along Py straight sections are observed. Micromagnetic simulations in combination with a magnetotransport model allow interpretation of the results and identification of the observed transitions.

Язык оригиналаАнглийский
Номер статьи6295
ЖурналScientific Reports
Номер выпуска1
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 дек. 2017
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