Giant microwave absorption in s- and d- wave superconductors

M. Smith, A. V. Andreev, B. Z. Spivak

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    We discuss a new mechanism of microwave absorption in s- and d-wave superconductors, which arises in the presence of a dc supercurrent in the system. It produces a contribution to the ac conductivity that is proportional to the inelastic quasiparticle relaxation time. This contribution also determines the supercurrent dependence of the conductivity. It may significantly exceed the conventional contribution because in typical superconductors the inelastic relaxation time is several orders of magnitude longer than the elastic one. We show that the aforementioned contribution to the conductivity may be expressed in terms of the single particle density of states in superconductors in the presence of a dc supercurrent. Our results may enable determination of the inelastic relaxation time in superconductors from microwave absorption measurements.

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    Номер статьи168105
    ЖурналAnnals of Physics
    СостояниеОпубликовано - июн. 2020


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