Epicardial fat Tissue Volumetry: Comparison of Semi-Automatic Measurement and the Machine Learning Algorithm

V. Y. Chernina, M. E. Pisov, M. G. Belyaev, I. V. Bekk, K. A. Zamyatina, T. A. Korb, O. O. Aleshina, E. A. Shukina, A. V. Solovev, R. A. Skvortsov, D. A. Filatova, D. I. Sitdikov, A. O. Chesnokova, S. P. Morozov, V. A. Gombolevsky

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Aim        To compare assessments of epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) volumes obtained with a semi-automatic, physician-performed analysis and an automatic analysis using a machine-learning algorithm by data of low-dose (LDCT) and standard computed tomography (CT) of chest organs.Material and methods        This analytical, retrospective, transversal study randomly included 100 patients from a database of a united radiological informational service (URIS). The patients underwent LDCT as a part of the project "Low-dose chest computed tomography as a screening method for detection of lung cancer and other diseases of chest organs" (n=50) and chest CT according to a standard protocol (n=50) in outpatient clinics of Moscow. Each image was read by two radiologists on a Syngo. via VB20 workstation. In addition, each image was evaluated with a developed machine-learning algorithm, which provides a completely automatic measurement of EAT.Results   Comparison of EAT volumes obtained with chest LDCT and CT showed highly consistent results both for the expert-performed semi-automatic analyses (correlation coefficient >98 %) and between the expert layout and the machine-learning algorithm (correlation coefficient >95 %). Time of performing segmentation and volumetry on one image with the machine-learning algorithm was not longer than 40 sec, which was 30 times faster than the quantitative analysis performed by an expert and potentially facilitated quantification of the EAT volume in the clinical conditions.Conclusion            The proposed method of automatic volumetry will expedite the analysis of EAT for predicting the risk of ischemic heart disease.

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