Electrodynamics of Aqueous Media

Vasily Artemov

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In the real world water and ice always have boundaries, being confined by the solid or liquid materials, representing the sample in contact with a gas, vacuum, another liquid, or serving as a solvent of electrolyte solution. Interestingly, the properties of such “finite” water, ice, or aqueous media, can differ from those for the theoretical boundless water. In this chapter, we discuss the electrical properties of aqueous electrolytes, the electrodynamics of confined water, the effect of a strong electric field on water viscosity, and the electrification of water droplets, and other systems where the role of boundaries on the properties of water is important, in an external electric field. The questions regarding the role of water in atmospheric phenomena, and the future of the aqueous electrochemical energy systems (fuel cells, supercapacitors, flow batteries, electrolyzers) are discussed.

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