Effect of Pressures up to 200 MPa on the Water Solubility of Barium Nitrate at 298 K

A. N. Baranov, B. R. Churagulov, O. V. Galas, A. A. Burukhin

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The water solubility of barium nitrate, m2s [mol/(kg H2O)] at 298 K and pressure up to 200 MPa was calculated from the following experimental data: concentration dependence of the activity coefficient of the salt in aqueous solutions, molar volume of the solid salt, and specific volume of aqueous solutions of the salt at high pressures. The equations of state based on the Tammann-Gibson rule were used to calculate the partial molar volume of barium nitrate in aqueous solutions of various concentrations including the concentration range 0.40-0.80 m (supersaturated solutions) at high pressures. The activity coefficients of barium nitrate in the concentration range 0.10-0.80 mol/kg were calculated by the Pitzer equation. The pressure dependence of solubility (m2s-P) was fitted by the equation whose coefficients are tabulated together with the values of solubility and partial molar volume change for dissolution ΔV̄s at various pressures. The water solubility of barium nitrate increases from 0.394 to 0.841 ± 0.005 mol/kg at decreasing rate as pressure is increased up to 200 MPa. Similar pressure dependences of m2s are shown by other inorganic salts with relatively low solubility.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
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