Collective Optomechanical Effects in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics

Erika Cortese, Pavlos G. Lagoudakis, Simone De Liberato

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    We investigate a cavity quantum electrodynamic effect, where the alignment of two-dimensional freely rotating optical dipoles is driven by their collective coupling to the cavity field. By exploiting the formal equivalence of a set of rotating dipoles with a polymer we calculate the partition function of the coupled light-matter system and demonstrate that it exhibits a second order phase transition between a bunched state of isotropic orientations and a stretched one with all the dipoles aligned. Such a transition manifests itself as an intensity-dependent shift of the polariton mode resonance. Our work, lying at the crossroads of cavity quantum electrodynamics and quantum optomechanics has to become the crossroads between cavity quantum electrodynamics and quantum optomechanics.

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    ЖурналPhysical Review Letters
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    СостояниеОпубликовано - 27 июл. 2017


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