Analyse multi-échelle de l'usure par fretting sous chargement dynamique

Loïc Salles, Laurent Blanc, Fabrice Thouverez, Alexander Mikhailovitch Gouskov, Pierrick Jean

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Assembled bladed disks may have many contact interfaces. Because of relative displacements at these interfaces, fretting-wear occurs , which affects negatively the lifetime of the structure. Methods exist to predict fretting-wear by quasi-static analysis. However they do not predict all the phenomena observed in blade attachm ents on real industrial plants. A numerical treatment of fretting-wear under vibratory loading is proposed. The method is based on the Dynamical Lagrangian Frequency Time method. It models unilat eral contact through Coulomb's friction law. The basic idea is to separate time in two scales, slow scale for tribological phenomena and fast scale for dynamics. For a chosen number of periodsf vibration, a steady state is assumed and the variables are decomposed in Fourier series. Numerical investigations on a bladed-disk with friction contact interfaces illustrate the performances of this method and show the coupling between dynamical and tribological phenomena.

Переведенное названиеMultiscale analysis of fretting-wear under dynamical loading
Язык оригиналаФранцузский
Страницы (с-по)277-282
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ЖурналMecanique et Industries
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