An enterprise platform for wide area monitoring of load dynamics using Synchronized Measurement Technology

Alexandru Nechifor, Mihaela Albu, Richard Hair, Vladimir Terzija

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This paper presents significant extensions of a vertically integrated platform, capable of real time processing of synchronized measurements obtained from a wide area monitoring system. Specific new contributions focus on including Matlab simulated load models into the real data processing chain, through the development of a virtual Phasor Measurement Unit functionality. Performance of the dynamic load model parameters estimation is assessed and compared for both simulated and real substation data. Automatically detected network disturbances are stored in a separate database, ensuring fast access to extracted knowledge. Additional developments include, but are not limited to intentional bad data injection, multiple simultaneous instances of virtual Phasor Measurement Units and automatic validation according to IEEE C37.118 standard. All new functionalities are implemented conforming to enterprise Java EE7 standards, thus ensuring a high level of scalability, concurrent access and reliability. These features are of particular importance in practical applications, which represent the actual target of this research: to use recently installed Great Britain (GB) wide area monitoring system, created in the Ofgem Network Innovation Competition VISOR project, for wide area monitoring of load dynamics.

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