Additive Manufacturing Evaluation Tool for Design Studies

Nicola Garzaniti, Alessandro Golkar, Paolo Maggiore

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In recent years, the engineering community realized the potential for additive manufacturing (AM) to be a game-changer in product development. Nevertheless, it is not yet possible to fully take advantage of this technology because it implies a different approach to engineering design. The dependencies of AM on related technologies, such as material modeling, design tools, computing, and process design represent a challenge for engineers. A comprehensive system engineering approach is needed to address the introduction of AM in new design projects. This article proposes a systems design approach to evaluate the use of AM in the development of new systems at the early stage of design. The methodology aims to provide a preliminary estimation of performance, cost, and time of parts manufactured using additive techniques. The article introduces a set of design drivers and criteria to standardize the design process and support the manufacturing technique decision-making process. The methodology is experimentally tested and validated by evaluating tradeoffs for two different case studies considering different engineering parameters. The analysis of the results shows a good consistency between framework predictions and experimental evidence, with an uncertainty level lower than 5%. The reliability of obtained results is discussed.

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ЖурналIEEE Systems Journal
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