A step-up bidirectional series resonant DC/DC converter using a continuous current mode

Federico Martin Ibanez, Jose Martin Echeverria, Javier Vadillo, Luis Fontan

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This paper presents the analysis and design of a novel technique that allows the conventional series resonant dc/dc converter (SRC) to work as a step-up and step-down converter. This is useful in bidirectional dc/dc converters where one port is attached to a fixed voltage dc line, e.g., a 360-V dc line, and the other port is attached to an energy storage device such as a bank of supercapacitors or batteries. Every converter that works in this scenario requires step-up and step-down modes to transfer energy from one port to the other. The paper presents the SRC as an alternative to the well-known dual active bridge (DAB). The dc analysis is detailed to demonstrate the step-up capability. In addition, the ac analysis is presented. Experimental results from a 6-kW prototype validate the theoretical analysis. The results indicate that this technique achieves better efficiency compared to the phase-shift DAB in a wide power range, from heavy to light loads. The main reason for this is that the converter works with smaller currents than the DAB at light loads.

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ЖурналIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
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