A particle model for three-dimensional Langmuir collapse simulation

A. J. Dyachenko, A. N. Pushkarev, A. M. Rubenchik, V. F. Shvets

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The numerical simulation of the final stage of Langmuir collapse requires three-dimensional kinetic consideration and thus is at the limit of today's computer capability. We have managed to solve this problem by making systematic use of the theoretically known fundamental physical properties of a collapsing cavity, and by taking every possible measure to match the physical parallelism of the problem with the architecture of the multiprocessor complex used. The pecularities of the numerical model, the software and hardware implementation principles of this model, and also a number of the results of the simulation are presented.

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ЖурналComputer Physics Communications
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СостояниеОпубликовано - сент. 1990
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