A new thermophoretic precipitator for collection of nanometer-sized aerosol particles

David Gonzalez, Albert G. Nasibulin, Anatoli M. Baklanov, Sergei D. Shandakov, David P. Brown, Paula Queipo, Esko I. Kauppinen

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A new thermophoretic precipitator (TP) has been designed and used for the collection of nanosized aerosol particles. NaCl and Fe particles, with mean diameters of 55 nm and 3.6 nm, respectively, were used to determine the thermophoretic deposition efficiency as well as the uniformity of the deposition. When the average temperature gradients applied were 2200 K/cm and 2400 K/cm, a high thermophoretic deposition efficiency, close to 100%, was attained at aerosol flow rates below 15 sccm. A gradual decay in the efficiency was observed as the flow rate was increased. Theoretical calculations of particle deposition efficiency were in good agreement with experimental data. The deposition along the TP was shown to be homogenous on a millimeter scale for both NaCl and Fe particles collected on thin foil substrates and microscope grids, respectively. Finally, the thermophoretic precipitator was used to efficiently deposit Fe nanoparticles on a substrate for the subsequent growth of carbon nanotubes.

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ЖурналAerosol Science and Technology
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