A Grating Coupler Design for Optical Vortex Mode Generation in Rectangular Waveguides

Denis M. Fatkhiev, Vladimir S. Lyubopytov, Ruslan V. Kutluyarov, Elizaveta P. Grakhova, Albert K. Sultanov

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We propose and numerically verify a design approach to a grating coupler (GC) for in-plane generation and propagation of quasi-TE vortex modes with azimuthal order \pm1 within photonic integrated circuits (PICs). In the considered GC design example, silicon nitride waveguides with silica substrate and cladding are used. The shallowly etched grating is illuminated by the incident optical beam from a standard single-mode fiber. We optimize the GC design parameters to maximize the purity of orbital angular momentum (OAM) mode first for the case of a theoretical ideally fabricated grating, and then consider a more practical case of GC design, when the etching resolution is limited. The numerical modeling results show possibility of the vortex mode generation with >96% purity of the target OAM state \pm1 at the wavelength 1550 nm. The proposed design, compatible with the standard nanofabrication process, provides a simple, compact and robust solution for various potential PIC-based applications of OAM beams.

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Номер статьи9456077
ЖурналIEEE Photonics Journal
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СостояниеОпубликовано - авг. 2021


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