Role of RNA Biogenesis Factors in the Processing and Transport of Human Telomerase RNA

Tatiana Pakhomova, Maria Moshareva, Daria Vasilkova, Timofey Zatsepin, Olga Dontsova, Maria Rubtsova

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Telomerase RNA has long been considered to be a noncoding component of telomerase. However, the expression of the telomerase RNA gene is not always associated with telomerase activity. The existence of distinct TERC gene expression products possessing different functions were demonstrated recently. During biogenesis, hTR is processed by distinct pathways and localized in different cell compartments, depending on whether it functions as a telomerase complex component or facilitates antistress activities as a noncoding RNA, in which case it is either processed in the mitochondria or translated. In order to identify the factors responsible for the appearance and localization of the exact isoform of hTR, we investigated the roles of the factors regulating transcription DSIF (Spt5) and NELF-E; exosome-attracting factors ZCCHC7, ZCCHC8, and ZFC3H1; ARS2, which attracts processing and transport factors; and transport factor PHAX during the biogenesis of hTR. The data obtained revealed that ZFC3H1 participates in hTR biogenesis via pathways related to the polyadenylated RNA degradation mechanism. The data revealed essential differences that are important for understanding hTR biogenesis and that are interesting for further investigations of new, therapeutically significant targets.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1275
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022


  • biogenesis
  • Integrator complex
  • processing
  • RNA exosome
  • RNA transport
  • telomerase
  • transcription


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