Equations of state Cu and Ag and revised ruby pressure scale

P. I. Dorogokupets, A. R. Oganov

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The ruby pressure scale, in which pressure is measured on the basis of R1 line shift of ruby luminescence, is one of the most widely used pressure standards in experiments with diamond anvil cells for the study of minerals and solid materials under pressure on the room temperature isotherm. To date, the most popular calibration of this pressure scale was that of Mao et al. [1], who measured the R1, line shift of ruby luminescence in an argon medium up to a pressure of 80 GPa. The pressure was determined from room temperature isotherms of Cu and Ag calculated by Carter et al. [2] on the basis of shock wave data. Therefore, the objective of our study is to construct an equation of state of Cu and Ag using modern data and compare the calculated room temperature isotherms with the data of Carter et al. [2]. After this, we shall use the data of Mao et al. [1] to calculate the volume of Cu and Ag, which would allow us to revise the ruby pressure standard.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)854-857
Number of pages4
JournalDoklady Earth Sciences
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2003
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