Enhancing the Stability of Coalitions in Cross-Border Transmission Expansion Planning

Andrey Igorevich Churkin, Enzo E. Sauma, David Pozo, Janusz W. Bialek, Nikolay Korgin

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Cooperative Game Theory has recently attracted attention in power systems research as a tool for expansion planning analysis. However, this analysis is usually performed in an ex-post manner, i.e., planning and operation decisions are separated from the allocation mechanisms themselves. This paradigm implies selecting an allocation rule to share the value of cooperation (say, the Shapley value) and verifying its rationality (e.g., by checking the Core of the cooperative game). Additional metrics of coalitional stability are omitted. Such an approach could lead to coalitional stability issues, which may hamper the establishment of cooperation. For example, there could be a severe imbalance in players positions, and the contribution of some players could be underestimated in the grand coalition. This paper proposes a bilevel optimization framework for explicitly incorporating Cooperative Game Theory principles into transmission expansion planning problems. Using a simple 4-system case study and a real-world case of cross-border power interconnections in Northeast Asia, we demonstrate that it is possible to make planning decisions in an anticipatory manner subject to the stability of coalitions. The identified expansion plans with enhanced coalitional stability indicate the ways of making parties more equally involved in electricity trading.

Original languageEnglish
JournalIEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Bilevel Optimization
  • Coalitional Stability
  • Cooperative Game Theory
  • Cost Allocation
  • Costs
  • Electricity Markets
  • Energy Cooperation
  • Game theory
  • Games
  • Northeast Asia
  • Planning
  • Power system stability
  • Power Systems
  • Resource management
  • Thermal stability
  • Transmission Expansion Planning


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