Dynamic in-situ sensing of fluid-dispersed 2D materials integrated on microfluidic Si chip

Benjamin T. Hogan, Sergey A. Dyakov, Lorcan J. Brennan, Salma Younesy, Tatiana S. Perova, Yurii K. Gun'ko, Monica F. Craciun, Anna Baldycheva

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    In this work, we propose a novel approach for wafer-scale integration of 2D materials on CMOS photonic chip utilising methods of synthetic chemistry and microfluidics technology. We have successfully demonstrated that this approach can be used for integration of any fluid-dispersed 2D nano-objects on silicon-on-insulator photonics platform. We demonstrate for the first time that the design of an optofluidic waveguide system can be optimised to enable simultaneous in-situ Raman spectroscopy monitoring of 2D dispersed flakes during the device operation. Moreover, for the first time, we have successfully demonstrated the possibility of label-free 2D flake detection via selective enhancement of the Stokes Raman signal at specific wavelengths. We discovered an ultra-high signal sensitivity to the xyz alignment of 2D flakes within the optofluidic waveguide. This in turn enables precise in-situ alignment detection, for the first practicable realisation of 3D photonic microstructure shaping based on 2D-fluid composites and CMOS photonics platform, while also representing a useful technological tool for the control of liquid phase deposition of 2D materials.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number42120
    JournalScientific Reports
    Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2017


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