All-nanotube stretchable supercapacitor with low equivalent series resistance

Evgenia P. Gilshteyn, Daler Amanbayev, Anton S. Anisimov, Tanja Kallio, Albert G. Nasibulin

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    We report high-performance, stable, low equivalent series resistance all-nanotube stretchable supercapacitor based on single-walled carbon nanotube film electrodes and a boron nitride nanotube separator. A layer of boron nitride nanotubes, fabricated by airbrushing from isopropanol dispersion, allows avoiding problem of high internal resistance and short-circuiting of supercapacitors. The device, fabricated in a two-electrode test cell configuration, demonstrates electrochemical double layer capacitance mechanism and retains 96% of its initial capacitance after 20 000 electrochemical charging/discharging cycles with the specific capacitance value of 82 F g-1 and low equivalent series resistance of 4.6 . The stretchable supercapacitor prototype withstands at least 1000 cycles of 50% strain with a slight increase in the volumetric capacitance from 0.4 to 0.5 mF cm-3 and volumetric power density from 32 mW cm-3 to 40 mW cm-3 after stretching, which is higher than reported before. Moreover, a low resistance of 250 for the as-fabricated stretchable prototype was obtained, which slightly decreased with the strain applied up to 200 . Simple fabrication process of such devices can be easily extended making the all-nanotube stretchable supercapacitors, presented here, promising elements in future wearable devices.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number17449
    JournalScientific Reports
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2017


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