Automatic grinding and polishing machine

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      NameParallel polishing up to 6 samples.
      Acquisition date18/12/18
      ManufacturersStruers, Denmark


      • Parallel polishing up to 6 samples.
      • Обычная полировка до 6 образцов.
      • The diameter of the drive wheel – 300 mm Rotation speed of the drive wheel – 50-500 rpm Range of adjustment of water supply or polishing slurry – program volume adjustment from 0-10 where 0 – no feed, 3 – 1 drop\sec, 7 – a few drops\sec, 10 – a thin stream The maximum number of samples in the automatic grinding and polishing mode is a carousel for 6 samples with diameter 40 mm, a carousel for 6 samples with diameter 25 mm.


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