Automatic cutting machine

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      NameHigh-precision cutting of samples.
      Acquisition date18/12/18
      ManufacturersStruers, Denmark


      • High-precision cutting of samples.
      • Высокоточная резка образцов.
      • Maximum sample size – 250×150×100 mm3, Disc rotation speed – 300-5000 rpm, Disc feed rate – 0.005-3.000 mm / s , Hardness of processed materials – HV 30-400, HV 200-500, HV 500-800, HV> 800. 4 sample holders (round cylindrical samples clamp maximum diameter 10 mm, for filling clamp maximum diameter 40 mm, for small samples clamp maximum diameter 15 mm, for irregularly shaped clamps minimum thickness 10 mm.


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